What It Looks Like

Adventure & Story is designed do be an education-forward workshop. We love being inspired, but if only offer inspiration and not tools for growth, then we've missed the mark. We want to deliver content that is hands-on and practical. We've curated the workshop content down over the past few workshops to try and deliver the best of every world. We'll start in the morning and go late into the night. This is no-holds barred–we'll share openly about how we find the right people, how we book destination weddings, how to tell a great story, and how to craft an incredible client experience. This is the workshop we wish we had taken when we first started and we really hope you'll join us.

The Content


01. Branding for the Right Clients

Working with inspiring people is one of the most incredible parts of this job. But how do you find like-minded, creative people to collaborate with? We're going to talk about branding your business for the right clients and how to stay true to your vision.

02. Successful Storytelling

It can be difficult to tell a successful story that is concise, elegant, and straightforward. We're going to share what this looks like to chase simple elegance and how to cut out the extra noise.

03. Actionable Steps for Growing Your Business

We're going to start exploring hands-on, practical ways for you to build, grow, and expand your business. It's going to be like cross-fit, but for your business. We're going to push you to work harder, make connections, and start doing the smaller, tedious things that a successful business is built upon.


05. Generating Winning Content

Great content is everything, but it's so much more than your photos. We're going to talk about how to build up amazing content and how to actively use that content in order to reach new markets, build rapport, and reinforce existing growth.

06. The Client Experience

In addition to photographs, you leave behind an experience for clients--for better or for worse. We're going to go in depth about creating a client experience from start to finish as well as share some of our delivery methods and what we do to make our own client experiences unique and thoughtful.

07. Portfolio Reviews

We're going to stay late to answer your questions and talk through your portfolios. This piece is optional, and you're welcome to stay as late as you'd like, but you'll have the chance for a 1:1 with Gene or Levi to talk through your portfolio and things that you may need to do in order to reach your business goals. Whatever is on the table, we'll answer it.