Part of our Core Vision is to tell stories in amazing places. Where should we go next?

In addition to wanting to host an awesome, educational workshop, another goal of ours is to set these workshops in epic locations around the world. We'll do some close to home (Colorado/Minnesota as well as across the US) for those who aren't able to commit the time to international travel or who have serious commitments in the US. With that said, though, we also want to expand our horizons. We have no limits to where we can or will go, and we want to bring the workshop to the places that you want to travel to.

Part of the focus of the workshop is to talk about booking destination weddings, and one key element to that is showing content to potential clients that proves that you travel. We take that seriously and want to give you an extra foot in the door.

So what do you think? Where should we go next?

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