We want the information we share to be genuine and not hidden behind vague concepts and phrases. We're open and honest about all the things that we teach. Here are what some folks said about our last workshop.

"Gene & Levi’s workshop was the first one I ever attended. Before signing up, I was a skeptic of all workshops. Many workshops I saw advertised what mostly seemed like fluff, or surface level techniques and education. 

This workshop however, entirely changed my view on workshops. This was the best possible first step I could have taken in continuing my photographic education. The workshop had the perfect amount of socializing, networking, learning, sharing, and creating to have me leave a more refined, and confident photographer. 

Because of Gene & Levi, I am pursing my dreams headstrong. I also tripled my bookings, thanks to their mentorship. 

To this day Gene & Levi continue to be incredible resources for knowledge, and I frequently look back on this workshop as a turning point for my wedding business."

Josh Olson //  Minneapolis, MN // Adventure and Story: Minneapolis

"This workshop was everything I wanted and beyond more. 

To start, we arrived to Gene’s studio that morning welcomed by great food, coffee, and people eagerly chatting to one another. The environment was extremely warm and welcoming. The day long workshop was very intimate, conversational, and Q&A throughout teaching moments and shooting moments. 

I love the contrast styles both Gene and Levi bring to this workshop. Their encouragement of each other is contagious and set an example for every photographer who was there. The willingness for both Gene and Levi to show their workflow from choosing a location, posing the couple, directing, bring the files back to the studio showing how they import, edit, THEN blog! So great.

Even now, about a year after attending, we have a FB group of all the members so we can post questions, have discussing and show work. One of the best investments I’ve made in my business!"

Bethany Schrock //  Minneapolis, MN // Adventure and Story: Minneapolis

"The Adventure & Story workshop contained everything I needed to hear while in the process of rebranding my business. Levi and Gene have valuable wisdom to share that has come from experience, and these guys know how to tell a good story.

Through many mini sessions we discussed topics like vision and identity, and the importance of your role as a storyteller. I left knowing what steps I needed to take in growing my business, and inspired and excited about taking photos that reflect the identity that I believe in."

Lydia Toll //  Minneapolis, MN // Adventure and Story: Iceland

"I attended the Adventure and story workshop in Iceland with Levi and Gene after deciding I wanted to do destination weddings. The workshop helped me learn not only about how to get into destination weddings but what it really means to be a destination wedding photography; the good, the bad, and the ugly. The workshop also changed the way I look at a wedding day and how I shoot it I not only focus on the couple but the location and things about the day that help tell the story. Even after the workshop Levi has been a teacher helping me with setting up the SEO on my website. 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND!"

Lena Peterson // Seattle, WA // Adventure and Story: Iceland