About Us

We're two midwestern guys who happen to photograph weddings. Levi has a background in international studies, languages, and has spent a good part of his adult life living in Germany and Lithuania. Gene has a degree in graphic design and has been photographing weddings for over eight years. Between the two of us, we've been blessed to have been a part of some incredible stories and we're both adamant about the importance of living a great story, in community with our friends and family. Despite how different we are as people, the two of us have a very common love and passion for storytelling, community, education, and, of course, dogs.


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Levi Tijerina

Denver, CO

I think the most amazing thing about stories is that you get to see, and experience, the journey alongside those for whom you are documenting. I think life is full of beauty—even in the mundane. Daily Rituals. Awe. Fears. Hope. I think these are incredible things and I love how Weddings bring these things together all into one place and make them into one beautiful, and fluid, story.

My wife and I live in Denver and we're keen on traveling, cooking, and working on our 100 year old house.



Gene Pease

Minneapolis, MN

I believe that photos are something that should stand the test of time. I strive to capture moments as raw and as real as when they happened. Telling beautiful stories through imagery is my passion. I tag-team life with my wife, baby boy, and pup — creating our own story in our little corner of Minnesota