Current Workshops

We will be offering about two workshops a year–one in North America and one overseas. Each workshop will be two days long and will have the same format regardless of location. However, the Destination Workshops will be more conducive to building an international portfolio.

Adventure & Story - MPLS - March 6, 2018

$400 - March 6, 2018

This March, we're really excited to be rebooting Adventure & Story in a brand new and exciting way. First of all, we're going to be bringing it back to our roots in historic, Northeast Minneapolis. Secondly, we've decided to alter some of the content and focus the workshop entirely on helping you build your business and expand growth. While some of the skeleton of A&S is going to stay the same, this time around, we're going to work to help equip you to grow you business, both financially and in volume.

Lunch and Dinner will be provided, and we're going to spend the day connecting, growing, and doing hands-on work to help equip you with tangible steps to take your business to the next level.

The price is $500 for the whole day, but if you book by December 1st, it'll be $400!